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Seniors Showcase Four Years of Learning

An Outcome From FACT

Antioch students have been known to do some amazing things in the course of their studies here. A new program with roots in the FACT process shared that work with the broader community.

In June 2017, Antioch inaugurated COLLOQUIA, a two week presentation of senior project work. Similar to projects at other institutions, the events include not only the presentations but also chances to meet and network with local and regional alumni, professionals in the students’ fields of study, and Antioch supporters. The program also serves as a showcase for Antioch’s unique approach to higher education.

Jennifer Wenker, Herndon Gallery Creative Director, submitted the idea as one of the initial FACT proposals. “Many colleges reserve the final week of Spring Quarter for ‘research week’ presentations as public-facing events to showcase the culmination of the educational model of their institution,” Wenker said, noting her own experience in the MFA program at the University of Cincinnati. “We (Arts at Antioch and Arts Area) recognize that exhibitions, receptions, and exhibition catalogs are particularly a tradition of the arts, but believe that scaling up the arts series model to include all graduating seniors from all divisions elevates the College as a whole and offers exponentially more benefit potential for the College.”

In that respect, COLLOQUIA offered much more than the standard senior arts exhibition. Science majors displayed posters on their research, Social Sciences students presented their papers, Humanities majors held a salon, and Arts majors held a reception in the gallery featuring performances and screenings. A student-designed catalog accompanied the event, profiling each senior’s work within Antioch’s academic divisions.

The public was invited to meet the seniors, see their work, and provide a welcome to their post-Antioch adventures, complete with a post-reception party with a DJ and food trucks from local vendors.

But she sees the possible gains from COLLOQUIA as lasting long after the seniors graduate, and fully in the spirit of FACT’s emphasis on generating more dynamic relationships within the College and with the community. “It would also be a tremendous asset to outreach efforts in Admission, Advancement, Co-op, and alumni and community relations building,” she said, “and celebrate the exceptional work of Antioch faculty, co-op program, and educational and cultural assets in our innovative liberal arts model.”

COLLOQUIA 2017 Catalog


PHOTO AT TOP: Hannah Priscilla Craig ’17 and Esmé Westerlund ’18 in a student performance installation, “r e f l e c t,” by Antioch College students Craig, Westerlund, Jennifer Bish ’18, Cristian Perez-Lopez ’17, Ephraim Zamora ’20 and guest artist Karina Faulstich. Photo By: Juan-Si Gonzalez