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FACT Design Build Week

Antioch College invites the wider community to co-design a new educational model that integrates assets like Co-op, WYSO, the Wellness Center, Antioch Kitchens, the Antioch Farm, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, the Coretta Scott King Center, Antioch College Village and others, as major building blocks for learning and revenue generation. The Framework for Antioch College's Transition (FACT) will be innovative and effective in its use of the College’s resources and consistent with the College's historic emphasis on applied, rigorous education in service to finding new and better ways of living in the world.

The new framework must address the educational and financial challenges and opportunities currently facing the field of higher education, including questions of durability, resilience, access, affordability, equity, inclusion and diversity.  FACT will also move the College to a more synergistic use of its resources, resulting in financial durability, curricular distinction and an outstanding student experience.

During the FACT kick off week in August 2016, faculty, staff, students, and community members were asked to brainstorm, sort, prioritize and build out “solution blocks” of ideas about how the assets could be used to create learning labs, develop strategic partnerships, better use philanthropy and diversify revenue sources. Over the course of two days of workshops and a succeeding Alumni Board session, more than 1,000 ideas were generated and 120 solution blocks were prioritized for development.

Watch this video to see how FACT was launched in August 2016:

Antioch College | Design Build Week from Antioch College on Vimeo.


The FACT Implementation Team (FIT) -- a working group of asset leaders, staff, faculty and students -- leads the process to gather additional community input and prioritize and incentivize FACT ideas and projects. More information about FIT, including a list of members, is available here.

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