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Dana Felty Bynum ’98

Interviewed By: 
Christian Feuerstein '94

Dana Felty Bynum '98Dana Felty Bynum ’98 is an award-winning journalist for the Savannah Morning News. She is currently a feature writer at that publication. In her off hours, she is a member of the Savannah Derby Devils, under the nom de skate "Fear Abby." Here, she talks about the importance of scholarships, and the dream of New Media at Antioch College.

What brought you to Antioch College? A) A scholarship, B) it was not in Kentucky and C) I thought the professors and students were more serious about education than what I believed to be the case at the other institutions I could afford.

What's your favorite memory of being at Antioch? It was pretty much four years of good memories. I suppose what stands out the most was working at The Record.

Was there a professor that made a huge impact on your life?
Ann Filemyr challenged me the most, in my career field and in my view of myself. At the time, it sometimes frustrated me. But I think about her classes and conversation all the time. I sometimes find myself wondering WWAD/What Would Ann Do?

Any stirring words of wisdom about the independence of Antioch College? I hope the College continues to find ways to provide scholarships to the ambitious kids from low-income, rural communities in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, kids like me. 

If you could bring one thing to the future of Antioch College, what would it be? We're talking dream world here? I'd love to give the college a New Media program. The next generation needs to learn investigative and public service journalism values under the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle.
Why do you donate to Antioch College? Because I owe the institution for all it gave me on scholarship.