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Rachel McKay Laskowski ’91

Interviewed By: 
Christian Feuerstein '94

Rachel McKay Laskowski '91 Rachel McKay Laskowski ’1 “fell into animal rescue,” she said recently. When Hurricane Katrina hit, she spent six months, on and off, in New Orleans. The recent petrochemical disaster has also spurred her into action. “Currently, I am volunteering with Kinship Circle in partnership with World Animal Awareness Society,” she said. “I have just returned from two weeks of data collecting, photographing and taking video of the animal rescue efforts and effects of the oil on the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. The data we have started to post can be found on” The World Animal Awareness Society has also released a video that Laskowski is in.


On what brought her to Antioch College, and history in gym credits: I was never going to fit into the normal world. When I visited Antioch before I enrolled and found I already knew three people there, thanks to my Friends (Quaker) and Unitarian background. It was clear to me that Antioch was the place to be. My major was creative writing. Though, I think at the time, I graduated with more gym credits then anyone had ever had before. I am certainly the hands-on outdoors type of person.

On favorite memories of Antioch College: There are many good memories of Antioch, some sad losses of losing classmates, but they all helped me grow. I loved skinny-dipping in the Glen. I loved being able to escape on co-op and come back. I loved living with other people with similar philosophies.

Was there a professor that made a huge impact on your life? I think the other students made a bigger impact on my life then any one particular professor. Other students were doing all sorts of inspiring meaningful interesting things, that helped me have expectations of myself to do something that made an impact on the world, no matter how small impact.

Any stirring words of wisdom about the independence of Antioch College? I have to say my life has been distracting lately, and I have not been involved with the new independent Antioch, other to be on the e-mail lists and getting information. If Antioch taught me anything, it would be that you can do anything you put your mind to, and I have had faith in the alumni that have taken up the cause because I know they know they can do it.

If you could bring one thing to the future of Antioch College, what would it be? Antioch will be what it will be. If it had a huge endowment that allowed it to give scholarships to everyone and [a] beautiful, fixed up campus it really would be a different place. I could say I want it the way it was when I was there, but all things change. The only thing that I hope doesn't change is the strong call to serve humanity…There was no way I could ever have survived a normal college.