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Alumni Profiles

01.31.13 Benjamin H. Levi ’83, Director of the Center for the Protection of Children at Penn State University

The Center for the Protection of Children at Penn State University was launched in 2011 under tragic circumstances—the indictment (and later conviction) of retired assistant football coach, Jerry... › MORE

11.29.12 Jonathan Rauberts ’97, Senior Art Director At Showtime

Jonathan Rauberts ’97 says of his second winter on Antioch’s campus, “There were . . . 100 people on campus. It was like being in a protracted horror movie.” Now that Rauberts is a senior art... › MORE

10.25.12 Anne C. Heller ’73, Author Of Ayn Rand And The World She Made

Photo by Brennan Cavanaugh Anne C. Heller ’73 is a magazine editor and the author of Ayn Rand and the World She Made, the first investigatory biography of the philosopher. She talks to The... › MORE

09.27.12 Jennie Knaggs ’01, Through Yellow Springs Sweden, And Detroit

Jennie Knaggs ’01 is one half of the musical duo Lac La Belle, an acoustic duo from Detroit, Michigan, that juxtaposes the early decades of recorded rural American music with decaying Rustbelt... › MORE

08.31.12 Sonia Jaffe Robbins ’65, Managing Editor At Publishers Weekly And Former “Normal Control”

In a recent edition of A Buffalo Grazing, Duffy told the story of a foray current students made up to New York City. Among other alumni, they met Sonia Jaffe Robbins ’65, the managing editor at... › MORE

07.26.12 Andrew Garrison ’74, From Antioch To Trash Dance

Andrew Garrison ’74 is an independent filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. He is also an associate professor of film and digital media production at the University of Texas at Austin. He recently... › MORE

06.28.12 Bart Leib ’00, On Crossed Genres, Kickstarter, Co-Op, And More

Bart Leib ’00 and his independent science fiction publishing company, Crossed Genres, have had successful Kickstarter campaigns before. “We [funded] our first anthology and our first book”... › MORE

04.27.12 Twonette Pack ’94, On Finding Her Place At Antioch

Twonette Pack ’94 has “a relatively new position for the City of Dallas,” she explains—the Community Reintegration Housing Coordinator. She coordinates housing and intensive case management... › MORE

03.29.12 Christopher Hebert ’98, On The Path From The Antioch Review To His Debut Novel

Christopher Hebert ’98 is, as he says with a laugh, “slightly frazzled.” And small wonder. His debut novel, The Boiling Season, has been released to wondrous reviews. Booklist says of The... › MORE

02.23.12 Sharon Feigon ’74, On Urban Economics, Study Abroad, And Co-Op

Sharon Feigon When I called Sharon Feigon ’74, the CEO of I-GO Car Sharing, she was, quite naturally, in a car. Feigon has taken I-GO from a small start-up with just ten... › MORE

01.26.12 Jon Baker ’72, One Of Antioch College’s Most Active Alumni Volunteers

Jon Baker Current work, projects or passions:Retired union representative Greatest accomplishment post-Antioch:Two sons, 40-year marriage, advancing the cause of the working class Three words... › MORE

11.04.11 O’dell Owens ’71, Touts Taking Advantage of Educational Opportunities

Dr. O'dell Owens '71 is a man with a very impressive résumé: M.D. and M.P.H. degrees from Yale, and former Harvard University professor, just for starters. He also... › MORE

10.07.11 Devon Berry ’99, Became a Leader Thanks to Antioch College

Devon Berry '99 is a bit different from most principals. "I'm shy," he said when answering a request for an interview with The Independent. However, the head of Dayton's... › MORE

09.08.11 Scott Sparling ’76, Talks Wire to Wire and the Connections to Antioch College

Scott Sparling's son is 18 and heading off for his first year of college. "We both really thought he would be great for Antioch, particularly the inaugural class, but he made his own... › MORE

08.11.11 Lois Wolk ’68, Lois Wolk ’68

Since Lois Wolk '68 was elected to the California State Senate in 2008, she has chaired the Governance and Finance Committee as well as the recently formed the Agriculture Subcomittee on Olive... › MORE

07.28.11 Steven Cramer ’76, Directs Lesley University's Low-Residency MFA Program

Steven Cramer '76 directs the very successful low-residency MFA program at Lesley University, in Cambridge, MA. "I was hired in 2003 to build the program from a grain of sand,"... › MORE

07.13.11 Charles Doering ’77, Focuses on Antioch College's Competitiveness

Charles Doering '77 is someone you don't expect to have hated high school. The noted academic and author, a professor of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan, however, absolutely... › MORE

06.02.11 Peter Kumble ’80, Talks About Biosphere 2 and the "S" Word

Peter Kumble '80 has just gotten back from Brazil where he'd been conducting onsite research. A lecturer of landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Kumble is... › MORE

04.21.11 Peter F. Kurland ’81, Peter F. Kurland ’81, Oscar Nominee, Learned from Maples

Peter Kurland ’81 comes from an Antioch family. “My cousin went there!” he says. “You know, I never saw her when I was there…” His nephew, Peter Zimbicki... › MORE

04.04.11 Sylvia Turner ’67, 2011's Walter F. Anderson Award Winner

Sylvia Turner '67, the Dean of Fine and Performing Arts at Santa Ana College, says she reacted with a "mix of great surprise, honor, and wondering who knew about my work and my career... › MORE

03.24.11 Jaimy Gordon ’66, Jaimy Gordon ’66, National Book Award Winner, Was Introduced to the Real World at Antioch College

Jaimy Gordon ’66, a professor of English at Western Michigan University, has taught creative writing for more than 35 years, published six novels, and won NEA grants. Interestingly, when... › MORE

03.10.11 Jeffrey Woods ’96, Explores the Limit of Glass, Sculpture, and Co-op

Jeffrey Woods ’96 is a refugee from the land of software development. He has moved back to Tucson, his birthplace, and runs Woodeye Studios, a custom glassware studio. Here he talks about... › MORE

02.25.11 Dana Felty Bynum ’98, Talks Scholarships and New Media

Dana Felty Bynum ’98 is an award-winning journalist for the Savannah Morning News. She is currently a feature writer at that publication. In her off hours, she is a member of the Savannah... › MORE

02.24.11 Jason Rothstein ’94, Goes Carless in Chicago, and Thinks About Co-ops

Jason Rothstein ’94 lives and works car-free in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Since 2005, he has worked at the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he... › MORE

01.13.11 Doug Fieldhouse ’81, On His Life, Career and Why Antioch College Worked for Him

Doug Fieldhouse ’81 was a founding investor in Vesta in 1995 and was appointed president and chief executive officer in May 1997. Prior to Vesta, Doug spent 15 years engaged in building and... › MORE

12.13.10 Erika Nakamura ’04, And her Antiochian Meat Market

Photo by Jennifer May Erika Nakamura ’04 didn't start out wanting to be a butcher. "I was a visual arts major!" she laughs. "I was always inclined to work with my... › MORE

11.29.10 Bruce LeBel ’76, On Sheltering the Homeless and the College's Future

As an Antioch College student, Bruce LaBel's ’76 traveled to Guatemala to design and coordinate a relief shelter program with a team from the Mohawk Nation. A year later, he became... › MORE

11.12.10 Michael Olenick ’91, Fights Bank Fraud, Pushes for Greatness at Antioch College

Michael Olenick ’91 and his company, Legalprise, have been in the news lately. Legalprise “aggregate[s] and analyze[s] large sets of public records data to find patterns of potential... › MORE

11.01.10 Aaron Gruenberg ’82,

When asked what he does for a living, Aaron Gruenberg ’82 laughs and says, “I renovate bathrooms!” As the president and senior craftsman of Green Mountain Construction &... › MORE

10.14.10 Robin Rice Lichtig ’64,

New York playwright Robin Rice Lichtig ’64 has over 40 plays to her name, including Lola and the Planet of Diversity, Frontier, Suki Livingston Opens Like a Parachute, Play Nice! and... › MORE

09.30.10 Rachel Tso ’95, Protects the Black Mesa, Teaches Media Literacy

Rachel Tso ’95 is a media literacy education advocate on and around the Navajo Reservation, and teaches media literacy and filmmaking at the STAR School. With her students, she is creating a... › MORE

09.07.10 Kristine Herman ’94, Talks About Love at First Sight and the Dynamics of the Group Process

Kristine Herman ’94 has worked in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault for nearly 15 years. She is currently the director of global gender initiatives at the Center for Court... › MORE

08.18.10 Shadia Alvarez ’96, On Community Governance, Life Being What You Make It, and Critical Lovers

Shadia Alvarez ’96, a one-time community manager and former assistant to the president for multicultural affairs at the College, is currently the assistant principal at the Collegiate... › MORE

07.22.10 Thaddeus Russell ’89, Explores How Antioch College Made Him a Renegade of History

Thaddeus Russell ’89 is a historian, cultural critic and the author of the forthcoming A Renegade History of the United States, to be published by Free Press/Simon & Schuster (available... › MORE

07.08.10 Tom Blumenthal ’66,

Tom Blumenthal ’66 is the chairman of biochemistry and molecular genetics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.He has studied the mechanisms of gene expression and how genes are organized... › MORE

07.08.10 Rachel McKay Laskowski ’91, Documents Gulf Oil Spill

Rachel McKay Laskowski ’1 “fell into animal rescue,” she said recently. When Hurricane Katrina hit, she spent six months, on and off, in New Orleans. The recent petrochemical... › MORE

06.24.10 Author Laurence Leamer ’64, On Moral Seriousness and Madness in Palm Beach

Laurence Leamer ’64 is a best-selling author and journalist. A former Ford Fellow in International Development at the University of Oregon and a former International Fellow at Columbia... › MORE

06.24.10 Lawrence Block ’60, On Mentors and Campus Tramps

Update (June 8, 2010): For the first time in half a century, the entire original text of Campus Tramp, complete with classic cover art, is available for a limited time exclusively through http... › MORE

06.03.10 Peter King ’86, Talks About Nurturing the Future, Biochar, and Digital Design

Peter King ’86 is one half of the dynamic duo Sweet & Fizzy (, a digital design firm responsible for multimedia, illustration and web design for clients such as... › MORE