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Antioch College Morgan Fellows to Host Inaugural 2009/10 Symposium   Topic is “The Daily Struggle of Immigrant Workers,” to be held November 14th from 2 to 4:00 p.m. in Yellow... › MORE

Christian Feuerstein ‘94 Antioch College held its first Reunion as an independent college this past weekend, and 450 alumni from all over the country returned to Yellow Springs, Ohio,... › MORE

In a feature story last week the GLCA trumpeted the story of an Independent Antioch College in its newsletter The Beacon.

By Diane Chiddister On Friday, Sept. 4, the keys to Antioch College will be transferred from Antioch University to the Antioch College Corporation, or ACC. The action marks the college’s... › MORE

By Diane Chiddister Reprinted 6/9/2009 with permission from the Yellow Springs News If you ask Matthew Derr how many hours per week he spends on his job, he’s stumped. During a recent... › MORE

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Charla White June 30, 2009 734.661.2340 document.write(""+a[1]+a[0]+a[2]+""); Ann Arbor, MI--With support from the... › MORE

On Tuesday, June 16, the staff of the College Revival Fund gathered at the newly re-opened Corner Cone in downtown Yellow Springs to bid a fond farewell to Chelsea Martens ’08. Chelsea has... › MORE

Aimee Lunde Maruyama '96 6/2/2009 As the rest of the country gears up for the July 4 holiday, the word independence means something quite different for alumni, students, friends, former faculty,... › MORE