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60 Volunteers Work to Beautify Campus

by Julian Sharp

An extraordinary group of alumni and supporters of the College came together to volunteer during the June Work Project, the week before Reunion. During the week, sixty-three volunteers generously donated 1330 hours toward the transformation of campus facilities and land. Volunteers reflected our Antiochian diversity, representing class years from the late 1940’s through 2008. They came from rural Montana and downtown LA, and many places in between. The relaunch of our College is not only important to alumni, but to the larger world. Our compelling mission attracted current students from Ohio State University, the University of Alabama, and Prescott College in Arizona.

Volunteers made enormous progress toward the restoration of Pennell House, where they painted rooms and hallways. The garden team weeded and planted in flower beds around campus, adding bright colors from Rockford Chapel to the Art Building. They also built a fence around the new College garden and dug rows so that local volunteers can begin to plant vegetables as early as next week. The bee infested benches at Birch Hall were replaced, so that future students can have an outdoor meal in peace. Many volunteers helped prepare for Reunion in South Hall and others worked in Antiochiana. A team of extraordinarily skilled volunteers turned the Units into a temporary construction zone by removing and replacing rotten wood to prevent rainwater from entering the buildings. Another team of volunteers worked tirelessly to paint the entire exterior of the Sculpture Annex. Other volunteer work focused on fixing the stairs at the Student Union stoop and installing the new Transient Mode Home sign. An additional team of volunteers nourished participants with multiple daily meals. While engaged in a variety of work on campus, volunteers succeeded in having fun while giving back.

The importance of volunteers at the College cannot be overstated. Their generous donation of time and often financial support enables the College to better prepare for the entering class of 2011. They provide encouragement to staff and save the college tens of thousands of dollars. We all owe them an enormous amount of gratitude and thanks!

Additional June 2010 Work Project stories, photographs and a complete list of volunteers and their projects will be online soon.

Work Project Photos