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Admission Ambassadors Join College Staff

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – November 16, 2010 – Antioch College recently appointed three admission ambassadors. Alexander Mette joined the staff full time while Tom Sain ’08 and William Shane Creepingbear ’08 are part-timers.

Mette, Sain and Creepingbear work with admission officer Kristen Pett to recruit the class that will enter the College in the fall of 2011. The admission abassadors fulfill various duties in the Office of Admission, including taking prospective students and their families on tours of campus, coordinating with alumni and entering student information into a database.

After earning his bachelor's degree, Sain volunteered at the College and tutored Yellow Springs High School students in trigonometry, physics and chemistry.

Creepingbear has worked at both the Yellow Springs News and the Sunrise Café in Yellow Springs. Best known to some as DJ Dr. Falafel, he spun tunes at the last two Reunions and at the recent volunteer-organized Resurrection Party.

Mette attended Antioch College until it was closed in 2008. He completed his undergraduate studies at Beloit, where he earned a B.A. magna cum laude in international relations.

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