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Alumni Board Election Results Announced


Alumni elected eight to the Board and revise the Alumni Board Constitution 


June 7, 2010 -- Antioch College alumni elected eight new members to the Alumni Association Board and passed revisions to the Alumni Board Constitution in the 2010 Alumni Board Elections.

Fourteen thousand paper ballots, as well as instructions in voting electronically, were mailed to alumni. The Antioch College Advancement Office tabulated and counted the more than 1,300 returned ballots. Alumni Board Vice President Joe Foley ’64 verified the 1,116 paper and 227 electronic ballots. 
Of the eight elected members, the only incumbent, Don Wallace ’60 of Medway, Ohio, was elected to a second three-year term. The remaining seven elected members will begin their initial three-year terms. They are Laurence Glasco ’62 of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chad Johnston ’01 of Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Tanya Mink ’64 of Glendale, California; Karen Mulhauser ’65 of Washington, D.C.; Mark Reynolds ’80 of Chicago, Illinois; Allen Spalt ’66 of Carrboro, North Carolina; and Paula Treichler ’65 of Champaign, Illinois.

“Congratulations are extended to all of the candidates,” Alumni Board President Nancy Crow ’70 said. “All candidates on the ballot were outstanding, and all are to be commended for standing for election. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful alumni base.”

Foley added: “Several people wrote notes on the ballot praising the strong list of candidates. A few of them also said they supported all the candidates and therefore were not voting.”

Also on the ballot and receiving hundreds of votes, but not elected were: Matt Baya ’92 of Ellsworth, Maine; Michael Casselli ’87 of Yellow Springs, Ohio; Shelby Chestnut ’05 of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Noreen Dresser ’77 of New York, New York; Tim Noble ’02 of Yellow Springs, Ohio; Jill Wolcott ’74 of Charlotte, Vermont; and Seth Young ’59 of Columbus, Ohio.

Leaving the Alumni Board this month after serving two full terms (the maximum permitted) are the following: Ellen Borgersen ’72, who also had served as vice president of the Board; Tim Eubanks ’00, who also served as secretary of the Board; Edward Goldson ’62; Kristen Pett ’90; Bradley Wilburn ’84.

Also leaving the Board after serving one full term, and choosing not to run for re-election, is Michael J. Heffernan ’96. Barbara Slaner Winslow ’68 resigned from the Board in 2009 (her first term would have expired in June 2010). Samantha Eckenrode Williams ’83 resigned from the Board after accepting a position as a major gifts officer in the Antioch College Advancement Office in 2009. Their service to Antioch is to be highly commended.

Revisions to the Constitution

The approved revisions to the Alumni Board Constitution were considered necessary to update and clarify several provisions of the Constitution.

The revisions to Article II removed references to Antioch University and clarified the relationship of the Antioch College Alumni Association to Antioch College. The revisions to Article IV included amending Article IV.A. to remove the words “constructive activity” as they are unnecessary. Article IV.B. was amended to replace the word “loyalty” with “dedication” as that appears more relevant to the Board’s mission. Article IV.C. was amended to remove the reference to Antioch University. Article IX was amended to include voting by electronic ballot and mailing of amendments by electronic mail. The article was also amended to clarify that ballots must be “received by” the Office by Alumni Relations in order to be counted rather than “returned to” that Office.

The vote for approval of the revisions was 997 to 15. Some voters chose not to vote at all on this issue.