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Antioch College Forum Addresses Community and Community Governance

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – August 21, 2010 – Antioch College welcomed former faculty, alumni and members of the Yellow Springs community to its Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom on Friday, Aug. 20, for a conversation about the meaning of community and importance of community governance at the liberal arts college.

The forum, titled “Antioch College Community: What to Keep, What to Add, What to Put Out on the Curb?”, was presented by the Antioch College Task Force on Community and Community Governance. Established by Interim President Matthew A. Derr, the Task Force is charged with ensuring the key component of the Antioch College education – community and community governance – is under development when the new class arrives in the fall of 2011.

 With a panel made up of such diverse voices as alumni of the college, a former student of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute, a former community manager and a Yellow Springs resident with experience in the evolutionary process of change, the two-hour forum covered a wide range of topics. Participants raised questions about the definition of community and the role alumni should play; the status of former faculty who were terminated by the university when Antioch College was closed, and the significance of shared governance in the Antioch College educational experience.

Al Denman, a former Antioch College professor who chairs the Task Force on Community and Community Governance, introduced the forum. Jennifer Berman, a 1984 graduate of the College, moderated the discussion.

Panelists included: Paul Graham, Antioch College class of 1952, retired vice president for research at Vernay Laboratories; Levi B. Good (Cowperthwaite), class of 2008, who was community manager at the College in 2006-2007; Rose Pelzl, who attended classes at the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute; and Raymond Kahu o te Maunga Ruka TeKorako, a Maori elder from New Zealand who lives in Clifton, Ohio, and works in Yellow Springs.

The forum was streamed live to the Web. Additionally, a discussion forum, moderated by alumnus Ed Koziarski, has been established on the college’s website to allow alumni and interested parties to further the conversation. Those who choose to participate in the online discussion are asked to include their names in their comments.

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