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Antioch College Makes Huffington Post List of Top Non-Traditional Colleges

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - May 21, 2010 - Citing what they dub the "Three Cs" - classroom, co-op and community - the editors at the Huffington Post named Antioch College to their list of top non-traditional colleges. 

The list includes some of the nation's most well-regarded liberal arts institutions, including The New School, Brown University, Bennington College and Sarah Lawrence College. Antioch makes the list as an honorable mention.

"When it was up and running, Antioch provided students with smorgasbord of interdisciplinary majors founded on the basis of the school's 'Three C's': classroom, co-op and community," the editors note.

The school closed in 2008 and in 2009 ownership transferred to an alumni group led by Chairman Lee Morgan '66. The first class of the newly independent Antioch College will arrive in the fall of 2011.

Antioch College has been a pioneering and values-driven secular institution since it was founded in 1852. The College was among the first nonsectarian educational institutions in the United States. It was the first co-educational college in the nation to offer the same educational opportunities to both men and women and it was the first to appoint a woman to its faculty and to its Board of Trustees. It was also among the first to offer African-Americans equal educational opportunities.

Throughout the generations, Antioch College faculty, students, staff, and alumni have committed themselves to important causes. Consistent with its curriculum of study and work, Antioch College has always given equal weight to understanding theory, to engaging in practice and to taking action.

In the 20th century, Antioch College redefined liberal arts education by initiating an entrepreneurial and experiential curriculum through the development of its hallmark cooperative work program. Many of the now-common elements of today's liberal arts education - self-designed majors, study abroad, interdisciplinary study, and portfolio evaluation - had an early start at Antioch College.

The College was also among the first to make a commitment to community governance and the authentic participation of students in institutional decision-making.

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