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Antioch College Professors Spearheading Major Projects in August

Two Antioch College professors are spearheading events in their respective fields in August.

Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Kim Landsbergen is co-organizing and moderating a workshop on the intersection of art and science for the Ecological Society of America’s Annual Meeting, Aug. 6-11 in Portland, OR. Her session, “IGN 5 – Art and Science Collaboration: Disciplinary Diversity as a Means of Exploring Ecological Systems and Value Structures.” will focus on collaborative projects that fuse contemporary art and ecological science to make new work that’s not possible within each discipline alone.

“Art and science go together at Antioch, literally,” said Landsbergen. “Our Arts and Sciences Building is one of the very few I know of that intermixes laboratories, art studios, and faculty in the building itself. Our Ecology lab is across from the Painting studio, and I share an office suite with a mathematician, and two media arts faculty.”

“Art:Science collaboration has a lot of momentum internationally in the sciences and contemporary arts, and we are working at Antioch to increase the ways our faculty, staff and students collaborate on this.”

Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Installation Michael Casselli is curating and jurying Breathing Deeply, Pushing Back: An Exhibition Exploring the Artist as Activist, at the Dayton Visual Arts Center. Artists are invited to drop off work of any media and size to be considered for the exhibition at the Center on Thurs., Aug 10 or Sat., Aug. 12.

Casselli explains that the exhibition, on view Aug. 25 through Sept. 23, stems from the conversation that ensued after art created by Dayton high school students was removed by the City of Dayton two days after it went on display at the Dayton Convention Center in February 2016.

“I am more interested in the idea of creating commonality and community between each other, recognizing the space we share and developing lasting alliances that will help as we move forward expansively,” he writes. “I am interested in listening, listening deeply and holding my voice so that others can speak. I am interested in pushing back, pushing back against the ideologies that take us further away from each other, pushing back against the actions that reinforce a separation based on being on the ‘winning side,’ pushing back so we can breathe more deeply than we ever have before.”