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Antioch College Publishes Its Curriculum Catalog

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – November 16, 2010 – Antioch College this week released its 2011-2012 Curriculum Catalog outlining a program of study that mixes full-time work with rigorous liberal arts study. Modeled after the nearly century-old academic program that put the College on the leading edge of undergraduate education prior to its 2008 closure, the new curriculum emphasizes language and culture study, as well as in-depth analysis of global issues of concern.

Originally founded in 1850, the College will require all students to complete periods of full-time work as part of their coursework. New elements of the Antioch College curriculum include a comprehensive Language & Culture program and the Global Seminars, a series that focuses on the examination of particular critical material resources of energy, food, governance, health and water.

Students will plan their study with their advisors, and they will earn the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science upon successful completion of degree requirements in four divisions: Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences.

The Antioch College education will culminate with the presentation of a senior thesis or project that students devise with their advisors. The senior thesis or project can take the form of a research paper, documentary video, narrative film, theater, music or dance performance, art exhibition, or other form of public presentation that summarizes a particular endeavor of study.

The first commencement ceremony is planned for the spring of 2015. Antioch College is undergoing a multiphased accreditation process and has submitted an application to the Ohio Board of Regents for the authority to grant degrees.

Interim President Matthew A. Derr hired a team of former Antioch College professors to develop the curriculum. These include Susan Eklund-Leen, the director of work (cooperative education and on-campus work), Beverly Rodgers, chair of the Morgan Fellows until her November appointment as vice president for academic and student affairs at Leech Lake Tribal College, and Morgan Fellows Jean Gregorek, Scott Warren and Anne Bohlen. This team worked closely with Len Clark, the Emeritus Provost & Academic Dean and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Earlham College.

A number of advisors and consultants also worked with the College to develop the catalog. Among them were former professors of Antioch College and alumni. Many consultants were paid while advisors were volunteers to the process. Their credentials are published in the catalog.

Antioch College recently began a search for faculty to teach in the program. The first tenure-track positions are in Spanish; organic chemistry; cultural anthropology; philosophy; 3-D art; and literature. Visiting distinguished teaching posts will be available in history, psychology, mathematics and biology. The College will also conduct searches for adjunct faculty in mathematics and the arts.

The College welcomes and invites all qualified candidates – including former professors of Antioch College at Antioch University – to apply for teaching positions as they become available.

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Chief Communications Officer
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