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Antioch College seeks architectural/engineering firm to develop a campus master plan

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – August 23, 2011 – Antioch College is seeking proposals from qualified full-service architectural/engineering firms to develop a campus master plan and provide comprehensive professional architectural/engineering services. Download RFQPDF file icon

College Mission and Vision for Campus Renovation

The mission of Antioch College is to provide a rigorous liberal arts education on the belief that scholarship and life experience are strengthened when linked, that diversity in all its manifestations is a fundamental component of excellence in education, and that authentic social and community engagement is vital for those who strive to win victories for humanity.

Three years after its closure, Antioch College reopens to students with a new curriculum that integrates broad learning across the disciplines with global perspectives on issues of sustainability. Our intent is to provoke critical thinking and a thorough examination of all facets of modern life. This instruction begins with how we use our campus. We are seeking the assistance from a professional group who will help us re-imagine the use of our physical facilities consistent with our vision of reinventing how we live and behave as a learning community.

Background and History

Antioch College was founded in 1850 and opened to its first class in 1853, a time of great social upheaval just before the Civil War. Since its founding, the College has been a pioneering and values-driven secular institution, among the first colleges in the nation to offer equal educational opportunities to women and African-Americans. In the 1920s, the College pioneered the notion of “theory and practice” with its cooperative education program, which integrated full-time work for all students into its core curriculum.

Our physical plant is one of the largest liberal arts educational real estate footprints in the U.S. We own and operate 1,200 acres of contiguous property, which includes thirty-two buildings comprising approximately 600,000 square feet of enclosed space. Our buildings were generally built between 1852 and the 1950s; all are energy inefficient and reflect the typical conditions found on many campuses of our vintage. Our intention is to remodel our building stock so that our carbon footprint is zero to negative. Included in our 1200 acres is an approximate 30 acre open field which we envision as a working organic/biodynamic farm. This acreage should be considered as a critical part of our master plan and also a possible site for a solar farm, which would significantly contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. We seek to find ways to accomplish all this work by being both environmentally sustainable and economically prudent. For example, due to carbon expenditure and financial expense, we would be less likely to knock down an old building in order to build a new one in its place; we seek creative solutions to our space needs.

Scope of Services

The overall goal of this master planning effort will be to assist the College in translating its strategic goals and objectives into a physical plan that identifies where the College should focus its resources to meet future demands on facilities for the next five to ten years. Recommendations for projects and overall guidance for campus growth must be provided no later than December 31, 2011. Once master plan is complete, construction activities should commence as soon as possible.

Scope of Services may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Development of Campus Master Plan that includes:
    1. Site master plan document
    2. Cost estimating
    3. Recommendations on phasing and scheduling
  2. Financial planning with specific attention paid to:
    1. Available historic grants
    2. Joint-venture possibilities
    3. Tax advantages for the private sector and nonprofits
    4. Researching energy efficient incentives
    5. Fund-raising possibilities for the Office of Advancement
    6. Operations analysis

General Qualifications

We seek advice, expertise, design, and construction administration services for the overall task intended and for specific projects, of which there are many, to be defined collaboratively from professionals who have the capacity and documented experience in assignments of this nature.

Specialties may include structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineers; L.E.E.D. accredited professionals; audio-visual, estimating, interior design, traffic, landscape, and acoustical consultants; and others as needed to fulfill the requirements of the project(s).

We also request competence and documented experience with sustainable science, such as building-integrated photovoltaic and other local renewable energy sources.

Regarding architecture, we are very interested in nontraditional structures that incorporate the poetry of the natural landscape into each building.

It is also our desire to incorporate a continuing care facility into the master plan. The successful firm will help lead the exploration of establishing this facility on campus.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on a range of criteria, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Previous experience with similar projects and proven management and technical expertise, including specialized experience in sustainable design
  • Demonstrated performance in providing well-organized, accurate, and fully coordinated construction documents
  • Demonstrated ability to meet client project vision, scope, budget, and schedule on previous projects
  • Prior work with institutions of higher education and demonstrated understanding of the unique special needs of residential colleges (housing, classroom, laboratory, recreation).
  • Demonstrated ability to engage appropriate community involvement in an innovative process to develop realistic and timely projects with strong community ownership of the results
  • emonstrated quality of previous projects and client reference checks
  • Description of deliverables and of the process for answering RFI’s and resolving critical issues during construction
  • Overall quality and completeness of proposal
  • Ability to make the undertaking an educational opportunity for our students
  • Qualifications and experience of staff directly involved in this project
  • Proposer’s apparent resources and capacity to meet the needs of this project

Proposal Submission Requirements

The College will provide planning consultants with all materials necessary to develop the physical recommendations (site plans, floor plans, mechanicals, occupancies, etc.)

The College also has condition assessments that provide a base of information on existing facilities and grounds.

In order to be considered for this project interested firms shall submit a cover letter dated and with signature of a representative of the firm authorized to negotiate contracts.

Submit proposals on standard, 8.5 x 11 inch paper. A minimum of 6 copies are required. Proposals must include the following:

  1. Firm information (name, address, phone, fax, email address, web page and a brief company history)
  2. Relevant experience (list of campus master planning and renovation projects for college’s of similar size and scope; detail two master plans of similar scope completed in the last five years; include client contact information)
  3. A reference list of prior client projects of similar size and scope
  4. Overall explanation of team structure, including sub-consultants, plus qualifications and experience of key team members
  5. Approach to master planning projects (philosophy)
  6. Tentative project schedule.
  7. Fee range and approach to establishing fee
  8. Any other pertinent information to the proposed project


We will begin accepting submissions immediately. Deadline for submission is September 9, 2011.

Mail to:

Tom Brookey
Antioch College
One Morgan Place
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

A shortlist of firms will be identified and interviews will be held on campus between September 19 and September 26, 2011. The College anticipates a final decision made by September 30, 2011.