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Antioch College Thanks Its Volunteers during National Volunteer Week

Antioch College proudly salutes its alumni and friends during National Volunteer Week 2017.

Volunteerism is deeply embedded in Antiochian culture.  Indeed, volunteers have been vital to Antioch College for decades; as chapter leaders in cities across the country, in administrative offices and classrooms, as student mentors, providing co-op jobs, supporting WYSO, Glen Helen and the Wellness Center, as members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, recruiting new students, as hosts for gatherings, and much more. 

Antioch’s largest single program is the Volunteer Work Project, which has brought alumni back to campus since 1986 to revitalize the campus, and support the work of the staff. What began with a handful of alumni from the 1960s has grown to include parents, friends and alumni from across the generations. Nearly 100 volunteers now come from all across the country four times each year to spend a week on campus refurbishing facilities, cleaning, landscaping, doing administrative tasks, and cooking meals for the crew. Work Project is equal parts hard work and fun! The friendships, connections and even professional benefits Work Project has led to over the years are truly impressive. 

Volunteers have brought tremendous value to the Antioch College community – not just from their efforts and donated materials, but also by being an active link between the alumni community and our students, faculty and staff. And volunteers will continue to be vital to the future of Antioch College as we build the College’s new Antioch Alumni Works program.

So here’s a big thank you to all our alumni and friends for all you’ve done to support our College and our campus. Happy National Volunteer Week!