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Board Chair Lee Morgan Discusses Faculty Searches

Dear Antiochians,

Last week’s edition of the Yellow Springs News included a story about the complex process Antioch College is engaged in as it recruits and appoints its first group of faculty. Having worked over the past three years to help the college gain independence and to become financially stronger, I am writing to clarify the comments attributed to me and to try to provide some perspective for the continued dialogue I know we will have in the coming months.

When I was a student at Antioch in the late 60s, it was my impression that the college had a quite strong faculty but, as at all colleges, there were some not-so-strong faculty. I assume more recent alumni could say the same, and I regret that my comments could be misconstrued to imply that I and alumni of my own and earlier generations may not respect the work of the more recent faculty.

It is certainly true that in visiting with alumni of all generations, I hear a wide spectrum of opinion on what happened at the college over the past 40 years and, of course, on what the college should do next. It is difficult to find an ambivalent Antiochian on the road. The feelings among alumni about the college are strong and often contradictory – affirming and critical.

To be clear, the board has approved and adopted the hiring process as designed by Matthew Derr, our interim president, in preparation for the arrival of Mark Roosevelt in January. In his work, Matthew sought advice from a wide variety of quarters and we are satisfied with the good work being done to identify the first group of six faculty. The board at no time instructed Matthew to conduct the searches in order to satisfy alumni of any generation or donors.

I am confident the process we have defined for hiring is fair. Further, an open process will enhance the credibility of those who are asked to join the faculty. We welcome applications from former faculty who feel their backgrounds match these vacancies. Their experience and passion would strengthen our prospects for success.

I encourage you to review our search process at

Lee Morgan '66

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