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Daniel Bell, Noted Sociologist and Advisor to the Antioch Review, Dies

Daniel Bell, a noted sociologist, professor, and essayist, has died. Bell was on the Board of Advisors for the Antioch Review, and published some of his most acclaimed essays in the magazine.

“Daniel was not only an important contributor, he was an important advisor for the Antioch Review,” says Robert S. Fogarty, the magazine’s editor. “His advice and support helped sustain us and assured the Antioch Review’s commitment to excellence.”

Bell published five essays in the Antioch Review: “Crime as an American Way of Life” (1953), “Socialism: The Dream and the Reality” (1952), “Japanese Notebook” (1958), "Ethics and Evil: Frameworks for Twenty-First Century Culture" (2005), and most recently “The Reconstruction of Liberal Education: A Foundational Syllabus” (2011).

The New York Times said of him: “Mr. Bell’s output was prodigious and his range enormous. His major lines of inquiry included the failures of socialism in America, the exhaustion of modern culture and the transformation of capitalism from an industrial-based system to one built on consumerism.”

Two of Mr. Bell’s books, The End of Ideology (1960) and the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1978), were ranked among the 100 most influential books since World War II by The Times Literary Supplement in London.

Bell earned his B.S.S. from C.C.N.Y. in 1939 and his doctorate from Columbia University in 1960. From 1948-1958, he served as the labor editor for Fortune magazine, and from 1959-1969, he was a professor of sociology at Columbia. Bell then accepted a professorship at Harvard, where he became the Henry Ford II Professor of Sociology in 1980. He retired in 1990.

Bell’s works include Work and Its Discontent (1956), The Reforming of Education: The Columbia College Experience in Its National Setting (1966), Marxian Socialism in the United States (1967), The Coming of Post-Industrial Society (1973), The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1976), and The Winding Passage: Essays and Sociological Journeys, 1960-1980 (1991). He edited The New American Right (1955, revised edition published in 1963 as The Radical Right), Towards the Year 2000: Work in Progress (1967), and Confrontation: The Student Rebellion and the Universities (1969, editor and contributor with Irving Kristol). Bell has also served on the editorial board of American Scholar, edited Daedalus, and co-edited Public Interest.

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