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Facilities Improvements Continue

Antioch Hall YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – October 1, 2010 – A week after a safety fence was removed from around Olive Kettering Library, workers completed the initial cleaning of Antioch Hall’s exterior and began to assess West Hall for restoration.

Workers spent roughly two weeks pressure cleaning the iconic landmark. Interim President Matthew A. Derr '89 joined College staff on the steps of Antioch Hall to mark end of this phase of the project. The next phase of the restoration project will include replacing damaged bricks around the base, said John Feinberg ‘70 of The Collaborative, the company charged with overseeing the restoration of the historic campus.

In other facilities news, volunteers spent several days cleaning and painting the Art Building in preparation for the weekend of October 15-16, when events will be held to mark Founders Day. The building will be the site of a community potluck. (Read the related story.)

Crews began assessing West Hall. Full renovation of West is expected to take from 120 to 180 days. The dormitory can hold a maximum of 32 occupants and may be where students are housed when they arrive in the fall of 2011. Another possible housing option is the fully operational Units, which can also accommodate 32 residents.

A safety fence was installed around the library after bricks fell away from the south-facing wall. Work crews replaced the bricks in recent weeks.

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