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Freedom to Vote Recap

On Sunday, September 23, Antioch College welcomed the greater Dayton community to its campus for Freedom to Vote!, a rally focused on the right and importance of voting. A big tent went up on the Horseshoe for speakers and entertainment, and community organizations gathered at tables outside the tent to help attendees register to vote and learn more about ballot issues for the state. 

Speakers at Freedom to Vote! included current students and faculty at Antioch College, local public figures, and nationally known activists. The World House Choir and WYSO's Basim Blunt kept the crowd entertained as each speaker took to the stage.Freedom to Vote speakers after the rally.

Among the speakers were Antioch's own Dr. Kim Landsbergen, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, who spoke to the importance of voting in relation to climate change. Trustee Emerita Barbara Winslow '68 rallied the crowd about the right to vote before activist and writer Shaun King took the stage.

Current students also joined the speakers. Truth Garrett '22, Elijah Snow-Rackley '20, Alyssa Navarette '19, and Mary Evans '21 all took to the stage, some reading poetry or doing spoken word, others giving testimony. You can watch the students at Freedom to Vote here.

Two more important voices at Freedom to vote were Jai Gillard, a survivor of the Santa Fe, TX, school shooting, and Jammal Lemy, creative director for March for Our Lives. Each gave impassioned speeches about gun control.

The highlight of the rally was keynote speaker Shaun King’s address. King related to the audience his awakening to social activism and his experiences, wins and losses, in the movements he participates in. He left the attendees with important advice about how to succeed in social change. In order to create change, a movement needs motivated people, organized people, a comprehensive and easy-to-understand plan that matches the magnitude of the problem to be addressed, and money. King told those at the rally that if all four of those pieces are thrown at our worst social problems, real change will occur.

Read observations by Steven Duffy ’77 in his October 2018 eddition of A Buffalo Grazing. And watch the speakers at Freedom to Vote on YouTube.

Photo: Speakers from Antioch College's Freedom to Vote! rally on Sunday, September 23. Left to right: Dr. Kim Landsbergen, Dayton YWCA President and CEO Shannon Isom, Shaun King, Rev. Mark Thompson, Antioch student Truth Garrett, Jai Gillard, Jammal Lemy, Antioch College Coretta Scott King Center Director Mila Cooper, Antioch College President Tom Manley, Emerita Trustee Dr. Barbara Winslow '68, and student Elijah Snow-Rackley. Student speakers not pictured are Alyssa Navarette and Mary Evans. Photo courtesy of Dennie Eagleson '71.