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Graduate Alumni Participation in Annual Fund Exceeds 25 Percent

By Stacey Wirrig '98

The response was inspiring. Aided by a down-to-the-wire effort of the Advancement and Communications offices, and with only three days left in the College’s 2010 fiscal year, Antioch College alums surpassed their 25% graduate alumni participation benchmark.

Cash gifts and pledge payments totaling more than $300,000 were booked in the last three days of June 2010. College graduate alumni giving reached 26.09%, while total alumni participation (which includes non-graduate alumni) jumped from 12.7% at the end of May to an astounding 19.83% by the end of June. This is truly a promising end to the first year of independence for Antioch College, and it demonstrates Antioch College alumni stand behind their alma mater. In addition, the Annual Fund reached a total of $2,099,868.34, another significant benchmark.

The College continues to keep its focus on the goal of accreditation while simultaneously preparing for the fall 2011 arrival of its pioneering class and maintaining its historical infrastructure. This most recent resounding vote of confidence from its most valuable resource – Antioch College alums – sends the clear message to foundations, major donors and potential students that Antioch College is here to stay.

The College looks forward to the future and thanks its alums for their continued support of the newly independent Antioch College.