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Hassan Rahmanian takes on new leadership role

Yellow Springs, OH | April 2, 2014—President Mark Roosevelt announced today that Hassan Rahmanian, who has served as the College’s vice president for academic affairs since 2011, is taking on a new role in advancing Antioch College—one that will help the College deliver on its promise to prepare a new generation of Antiochians to make a positive contribution in the world. Rahmanian will assume leadership of the College’s global learning initiatives.

Roosevelt said Rahmanian’s transition into this new role is one in a series of planned changes intended to position the College to capitalize on its strengths and emphasize its points of distinction.

“Our strategic planning work solidified the realization that the way we live in the world today is not sustainable and led us to our vision—that Antioch College will be the place where new and better ways of living are discovered,” said Roosevelt.

The College’s interdisciplinary Global Seminar series, emphasis on language acquisition, and ability for students to study and work abroad position it well to achieve this vision, said Roosevelt, but data and lived experience highlight an opportunity for the institution to build a more intentional and cohesive program—one that would enrich the overall student experience and distinguish Antioch from other liberal arts colleges.

With this understanding, Rahmanian’s first task in his new role will be to determine—in consultation with the faculty, College leadership, and the Board of Trustees—ways in which the institution can solidify and cohere its global studies efforts. With a clear plan in place, he will lead the implementation of those initiatives, which may include curricular programs (such as a global degree or a globalization studies major) and faculty support programs (such as a global center for teaching and learning).

Rahmanian will work closely with the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, a multinational partnership administered by The Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA), whose member institutions are committed to meaningfully globalizing higher education. He participated in the Alliance’s February 2014 meeting of presidents and academic officers in Bratislava, which generated a series of opportunities for Antioch and partner institutions to work together multilaterally and to share resources. 

“I was already thinking about who could take on this critical global work when Hassan returned from the Bratislava meeting full of fire,” said Roosevelt. “He is the obvious choice and the right leader to take Antioch into the future.”

Rahmanian’s career at Antioch College spans more than a quarter of a century. He was a member of the faculty from 1986 until the College closed in 2008. An associate professor of business, he chaired the management program and coordinated the Department of Social and Global Studies. He was also instrumental in the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute that kept the Antioch spirit alive between closure and independence. He has served as the College’s chief academic officer since March 2011. In that time, he helped grow the faculty from six in year one, to nearly 30 full-time faculty today. He worked to secure authorization from the Ohio Board of Regents to award degrees and played an instrumental role in furthering the College’s accreditation efforts, serving as co-chair of the Self-Study Steering Committee and working behind the scenes with faculty to develop critical academic policies. He supervised the early financial aid and registration processes and oversaw changes to the academic calendar, switching from a block model to a traditional quarter system in early 2012. He has served as a mentor, leader, and friend to faculty, staff, and students.

“I have served many different roles at Antioch and have enjoyed them all,” said Rahmanian. “I am both ready and excited to assume new responsibilities in this journey of rebuilding the College.”

In recognition of his dedication and contribution to Antioch College, the Board of Trustees will honor Rahmanian this spring. 

“Hassan has been instrumental in Antioch’s success throughout the years,” said Board of Trustees chair Frances Degen Horowitz. “He has inspired generations of students and colleagues, and the Board is excited about the work he will do in this new role.”

Rahmanian will continue to teach in political economy, serving students and furthering Antioch’s tradition of excellence in the liberal arts. 

A search for a new vice president for academic affairs is underway, with a target start date sometime this summer.