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Huffington Post Praises Antioch Review

 Among the "17 Literary Journals That Might Survive the Internet"


Antioch ReviewYELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – August 19, 2010 – The Huffington Post, in an Aug. 14 feature by Anis Shivani, named the Antioch Review among the "17 Literary Journals That Might Survive the Internet." Calling them "America's most venerable little magazines," Shivani praised such venerable publications as the Kenyon Review, the Yale Review, Agni, the Threepenny Review—and the Antioch Review, among others.

The article features an interview with Antioch Review Editor Robert S. Fogarty, who says of the future of literary journals in the Internet age: "Too much is usually made of technological advances that create an 'either/or' scenario."

"There is a place in the modern world for institutions like All Souls College in Oxford and the Advanced Institute at Princeton and for small independent-minded print literary journals like the Antioch Review in Yellow Springs and Arete in Oxford," Fogarty said. "All are small and intimate. Print journals are the literary equivalent of the slow food movement: satisfying and good for you. In short, they strive to excel rather than consume."

Fogarty closes the interview with advice to other literary journals: "Not everyone (contrary to the flack generated by both companies) wants their delivery system to be a Kindle or a Nook book and many (including young readers) prefer to read just like their parents and grandparents did and choose not to confine themselves to their in-box. Cultivate them."