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Interim NAACP President Recently Spoke at Antioch College

(Yellow Springs, OH) – One week before being named interim President and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Derrick Johnson drew a strong distinction between mass demonstrations and other forms of social justice advocacy, in his keynote remarks at Antioch College’s Reunion 2017.

 “We are in an era where we confuse social justice and social media,” said Johnson in his July 14 address, entitled “Speaking Truth to Power.” In that respect, he asserted, “Ferguson was a failure. Success has to be whether the quality of life has changed after the demonstration.”

“We need to think about the outcomes we are seeking,” he stressed.

Johnson also praised Antioch’s long history as an institution where students develop critical tools for enacting social change. “The beautiful thing about Antioch is that you give young people the intellectual frame to think through the outcomes we are seeking in this social justice fight,” said Johnson.

Johnson had been serving as the NAACP’s national vice chair prior to the July 22 appointment as interim President and CEO.

More than 350 alumni Antioch alumni attended Reunion activities July 13-16.

Johnson’s entire Antioch address may be viewed here.