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Literature Professor Geneva M. Gano Joins Antioch College Faculty

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – June 27, 2011 – Based on the recommendation of a search committee, President Mark Roosevelt hired Geneva M. Gano, an expert in comparative American literatures and cultures, as an assistant professor of literature. Gano joins the faculty on July 18.

“Geneva is a great addition to our faculty. She brings a solid educational background and a lot of energy and enthusiasm for teaching,” said Hassan Rahmanian, vice president for academic affairs. “I particularly appreciate her pedagogical style – opening space for critical debate – and her interdisciplinary orientation.”

Gano is the fifth tenure-track professor hired to teach at the College. Earlier this year, Roosevelt hired professors of anthropology, chemistry, philosophy, and 3-D art based on the recommendation of search committees, which are comprised of former faculty, emeriti faculty, and alumni and friends of the college who are subject-matter experts or serve as members of faculty at other liberal arts colleges.

Most recently a visiting assistant professor of American studies and Latino studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, Gano focuses her teaching and research in the areas of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature and culture; Chicana/o literature and film; the races, places and spaces of literary form; regionalism, nationalism, and cosmopolitanism; and GLBTQ and gender studies.

At Indiana University, she taught courses in twentieth-century U.S., Mexican, and Chicano literature, film, and culture. Prior to that appointment, she developed courses in hemispheric American literary studies at UCLA, where she was a lecturer in the Department of English, and at Stanford University, where she was a postdoctoral teaching fellow.

Gano is currently expanding and revising her dissertation (filed in 2007) for publication as Un-American Places: Geography, Race, and Nationalism in Modern Literature. Drawing from social network analysis, postcolonial studies, and narrative theory, she shows how the writing of and through particular places – including the wild Pacific coastline of Robinson Jeffers' narrative poems, Lynn Riggs' haunted Indian mounds, Willa Cather's mystical Blue Mesa, Zora Neale Hurston's migrant camps on the Florida muck, and the contested borderlands of Americo Paredes – acquires anti-nationalist meaning.

As a collection, Gano asserts, these readings prompt a reassessment of the teaching and study of literature that reflects a world – and field of study – that has come to conceive of itself as post-national and multilingual. By thinking through and beyond local communities, she argues that literature need not be taught and studied through a narrow, nationally circumscribed lens.

Gano's peer-reviewed publications include essays in Modern Fiction Studies and American Transcendental Quarterly, among others.

She earned a B.A. in English, with departmental honors, at Stanford University, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Candidates for faculty positions are assessed on their subject matter expertise; ability to teach their subjects; ability to interact with students, faculty colleagues and community members; ability to collaborate effectively; knowledge of and comfort with the three C's of classroom, co-op and community; and their interpersonal style and ability to engage in effective discussion. All finalists for faculty positions visit the campus in Yellow Springs for a day of interviews and meetings with college personnel.

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