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Miami U. Team Reimagines the Olive, Student Union

A team of volunteer architecture graduate students from the Miami University in Oxford, led by professor Mary Rogero, have produced creative designs for campus buildings. The students' designs, while independent from College strategic plans, are intriguing and have pushed College staff and architects to think further outside the box.

The designs of the Student Union and the Olive Kettering Library remained on display in South Hall through August. The team made several campus visits during the winter and spring of 2010, and delivered a final presentation to college staff in May.

Advancement staff member Risa Grimes found the student work to be "a fascinating incorporation of sustainability techniques combined with edgy design."

Other staff raved about the incorporation of nature into the designs, especially the "tree house student union" as another staff member described it.

In addition to the designs, the Miami University students built and donated to the College a model of campus. The team working with Rogero included Bo Zhang, Stephen Starkey, Craig Heitger, Kristopher Kunkel, James O'Brien and Kris Kunkel.


(From left) Bo Zhang, Kristopher Kunkel, James O'Brien, Rob Fausz, Mary Rogero, Steven Sharp, and Julian Sharp (Craig Heitger absent)

For additional information on campus volunteer programs, contact:
Julian Sharp
Manager of Volunteer Work
Antioch College