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Morgan Fellows to Host Inaugural Symposium

Antioch College Morgan Fellows to Host Inaugural 2009/10 Symposium


Topic is “The Daily Struggle of Immigrant Workers,” to be held November 14th from 2 to 4:00 p.m. in Yellow Springs

The inaugural group of Antioch College Morgan Fellows announced today that they would be hosting the first in a series of symposia, to be held during the course of the 2009/10 academic year.  The first symposia,  “The Daily Struggle of Immigrant Workers,” will take place in The Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom, One Morgan Place, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

“This issue has national importance and implications and also resonates within our own geographic community.  The increasingly acrimonious national immigration debates reverberate throughout Ohio,” says Anne Bohlen, Morgan Fellow ’09. “Many citizens are working for immigration reform and assisting the growing communities of immigrants throughout the state.   Antioch College has historically educated students to become engaged citizens in their communities, to have a commitment to social justice and equality, and to act to redress inequalities and injustice.”

Panel Participants:

Dr. Theo J. and Dr. Linda C. Majka, both sociology professors at the University of Dayton.   They co authored a book, Farmworkers, Agribusiness and the State.  Linda also co-wrote Children's Human Rights: Progress and Challenges for Children Worldwide and   Dr. Theo Majka recently coordinated a research study looking at how well local mainstream institutions are serving and interacting with foreign born populations.

David Larson, a Dayton lawyer is a member of the American Immigrant Lawyers Association and has been working on immigrant issues for the past ten years.   He is active in the Dayton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and chairs a Miami Valley Latino and Immigrant Right Advocates group working for comprehensive immigration reform. 

Lupe Williams currently serves on the Board of Commissioners at the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/ Latino Affairs.  She teaches at Ohio State University and has been active throughout the state on behalf of migrant farmworkers' rights.  She co-founded the Northeast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Ohio Latino Arts Association and the Latino Hispanic Caucus of Ohio. 

The panel will be moderated by Victor Garcia, Faculty Emeriti at Antioch College where he taught Spanish and Latin American literature and history for twenty-five years.  Victor is the President of the Board of Del Pueblo in Southwest Ohio, a nonprofit social service organization in Southwest Ohio dedicated to community building and advocacy for Spanish speakers in the region. 

About the Arthur E. Morgan Fellows …..

Named in honor of Arthur E. Morgan, Antioch College President from 1920-1936, the fellows will participate in a yearlong outreach program to alumni and friends of the College nationwide as the College develops both its program and curriculum.  They will also present symposia on a wide variety of topics on the historic campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The current Morgan Fellows include Anne Bohlen MA; Jean Gregorek, Ph.D.; Beverly Rodgers, Ph.D.; Scott Warren, Ph.D.; and Susan Eklund-Leed, Ph.D.