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New Curriculum and Calendar Approved

Antioch College is pleased to announce the approval of our updated curriculum and academic calendar.

Following accreditation of the newly independent Antioch College (received in April 2016) the College has had the opportunity to more freely develop its curriculum around its established strengths and distinguishing features.

Through the innovative thinking and visioning work by our community in the FACT process (Framework for Antioch College's Transition), the basis for a new curriculum emerged that reflects our vision of becoming a new kind of American College. The new curriculum and academic calendar have been approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Beginning in the Fall 2018 quarter, students will truly own their education.

Designed by our faculty, the new curriculum and calendar allows more innovation in the delivery of disciplinary and interdisciplinary course offerings, and gives students more freedom to explore their academic interests. The curriculum also builds around our "areas of practice" derived from our core values: sustainability, deliberative democracy and justice, creativity and story, wellbeing, work and resilient community.

The new curriculum will consist of all self-designed majors resulting in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. General education requirements include value-centered and mission-driven requirements. Starting with a Design Your Degree course, students will develop a Statement of Inquiry identifying their educational path and the courses they will take, and with the help of several advisors, they will continue to refine that statement as they progress toward their senior Capstone Project.

Students in the new curriculum will also complete three Co-ops; an optional fourth Co-op is encouraged. Beyond Co-op, the new curriculum enhances experiential education through our campus assets, like WYSO, the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, the Antioch Farm, and The Antioch Review. Students will still earn 180 quarter credits for a degree and the time to complete a degree (four years) does not change.

The new academic calendar begins in Fall 2018, and will consist of three 11-week quarters with no regular summer courses. Summer and winter will also have one four- to five-week optional block session between quarters. While not required, students could take one credit-bearing course during an optional block session. Block session courses could include a regular course taught in a compressed time frame, but they are intended to be deeply experiential, hands-on, and applied courses taught by interested and qualified faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. This new academic calendar also aligns more closely to calendars of other area schools with whom we offer cross registration.

Antioch@175: A New Kind of American College

  • We are a laboratory college renewed through innovation, a passion for democracy and justice, and an inextinguishable commitment to finding new and better ways of living and learning sustainably on our planet.

  • We are a collaborative college, an anchor for regional resilience among organizations and individuals whose willingness to share resources of all types has created a new ecology of education, work and community.

  • We are a new kind of American college; we are a movement.

Read the vision for Antioch@175.