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Public Notice: Campus Surveying

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – December 31, 2010 – For property tax assessment purposes, the Greene County Auditor has instructed Antioch College to place boundary markers around the perimeter of campus. At the recommendations of its attorneys, the College has employed the services of Millman Surveying Company to complete this work.

Employees of Millman Surveying will be at this assignment each day until the task is completed. To place the markers, surveyors will dig holes that are approximately eight inches in diameter. A one-inch steel rod will be placed in the ground before each hole is refilled.

The process may require Millman employees to cross residential property lines in the immediate area around campus. The amount of disruption to residential property should be minimal.

Please send questions or concerns to or call 937-319-6131.

Gariot P. Louima 

Chief Communications Officer
Mobile: 937-581-8201