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Six Antioch College Faculty Members Receive SOCHE Honors

(Yellow Springs, Ohio) – Six Antioch College faculty members have received the SOCHE (Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education) Faculty Excellence Awards for 2017-2018 in Teaching, Research and Service. 

Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Kim Landsbergen and Assistant Professor of Political Economy Sean Payne have been selected for the Excellence in Teaching Award, Assistant Professor of Media Arts Kelly Gallagher and Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Flavia Sancier-Barbosa for the Excellence in Research Award, and Instructors of Cooperative Education Beth Bridgeman and Brooke Bryan for the Excellence in Service Award.

In August, the campus community (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) was asked to make nominations. The Faculty Excellence Awards Committee, comprised of last year's award winners Emily Steinmetz, Charles Fairbanks, Louise Smith and Michael Casselli, were charged with the difficult work of reviewing applications and selecting winners from among our extremely dedicated, active, and accomplished faculty. 

The following Statements of Excellence, drafted by their peers on the Faculty Excellence Awards Committee, accompanied each of their nominations:

Excellence in Teaching: Kim Landsbergen & Sean Payne

Kim Landsbergen exemplifies the collaborative, experiential, and interdisciplinary spirit of Antioch College. She immerses her students in primary and secondary scientific literature to help them understand the state of cutting edge science while also offering diverse opportunities for hands-on work.  She nurtures partnerships across the disciplines, perhaps most notably fostering collaborations between the arts and sciences.  Kim is a dedicated mentor, making ample time for students, helping them secure internship and co-op placements, and supporting them in their post-graduate endeavors.

Sean Payne puts student agency, application of knowledge, and democratic process at the forefront of his teaching. He makes skilled use of experiential, applied, and simulation activities, helping students understand concepts in a way that transcends lectures.  He has designed classes that respond to institutional challenges, allowing students to apply their learning to campus issues such as shared governance and student space.  The theoretical tools, coupled with critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, prepare students to analyze and creatively address problems in the wider world.


Excellence in Research: Kelly Gallagher & Flavia Sancier-Barbosa

Kelly Gallagher’s politically charged, animated documentaries have had remarkable success this year, no doubt because they resonate with the political urgency of our current moment.  The committee especially wants to recognize that their successes are not limited to film festivals and art venues; a short film of hers has also been featured on the website of The Nation. Furthermore, Kelly continues to make extraordinary solo works, while she also contributes to prestigious, artful, and politically relevant feature documentaries. Kelly’s long list of recent and upcoming artist talks – including a commission from Adobe to lead an online workshop for politically-engaged youth – demonstrates the importance and timeliness of her work.

Flavia Sancier’s research in mathematics demonstrates a keen interest in working within the field on a wide range of contemporary topics including predictive analytics for emergency response and board games.  She has also collaborated with a colleague in social sciences and co-authored a paper with her student on end of life health management.  She views problem-solving as a central approach for her research, exemplifying Antiochian values of praxis and service.  Flavia incorporates her research in her teaching, and creates exciting collegial connections for Math to come alive in our curriculum and beyond.


Excellence in Service: Beth Bridgeman & Brooke Bryan

Beth Bridgeman’s service to the college is hard to categorize. She has created new courses that speak to student passions and interests; written grants that enrich the cultural life of the college and community; and assisted student leaders on ComCil in cultivating literal and figurative spaces for students’ empowerment at Antioch College. Her classes often create celebratory communal moments that help faculty, staff, and students feel a sense of belonging within the Antioch community; an important component of retaining both faculty and students in these challenging times.

Brooke Bryan has made extraordinary contributions to Antioch College, and her work to support the communications efforts of students, the co-op department, and the college, is nothing short of visionary. Brooke is dedicated and strategic in her approach to realizing visionary ideas.  The committee wants to recognize, especially, Brooke’s work on: the Antioch Engaged website, which effectively highlights great work from all over the college; her support and mentorship of student writers for The Record; and co-founding the Mellon Foundation-funded Oral History for the Liberal Arts, which has supported many Antioch College students to do extraordinary and wide-ranging research projects.

Formed in 1967, SOCHE is a regional consortium of 23 colleges and universities in southwest Ohio to promote educated, employed and engaged citizens.

The award recipients will be honored at the SOCHE Faculty Excellence Awards banquet on Friday, Nov. 3 at the Dayton Art Institute