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SOPP and Antioch College in The New York Times

Antioch College has historically been ahead of the curve on important social issues, and our trailblazing Sexual Offense Prevention Policy (SOPP) is once again part of the national conversation in the wake of the #MeToo Movement.

In a February 25, 2018 New York Times article (posted online on February 24), Sunday Styles editor and reporter Katie Rosman explores not only the history of the SOPP, but the important ways in which it is a living document and sets campus culture. Students, alumni, and staff featured in the article speak to why it is so important to publicly address issues of consent, sex positivity, and autonomy over our bodies and space.

Nearly thirty years since it was adopted by the College, the SOPP is now a model for consent used in both education and industry. Students, empowered by Antioch's longstanding culture of community involvement, led the way in creating the SOPP. And, it is still students—who own their education—who are leaders (as Rosman notes) in how members of our community live "Consent 101" and how they continue to push the conversation of consent beyond sexual encounters to wider contexts.

Read Thank You for Asking in the New York Times.

Photo: Andrew Spear for The New York Times

Antioch's SOPP in the News:

Last December, Antioch College President Tom Manley wrote an op-ed, Time to Consider Teaching Consent 101, which was published in the Dayton Daily News.

Antioch College and the SOPP have also been mentioned in numerous articles related to consent and sexual assault. The following are a few of the most recent which have been published: