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Still Searching for a College for Fall? Antioch College Accepting Applications All Summer

Antiochians are dreamers. They experience doubt. They embrace uncertainty. They make bold choices, sometimes unexpectedly. That is why Antioch College has rolling admissions: we want to be able to welcome that brilliant student whose decision about her next life adventure did not come to fruition until after all the traditional deadlines had passed.

This is what happened to current student Ephraim Zamora ’20, who describes himself as being from “a small fishing town in Southern Nevada,” – a.k.a. Las Vegas. As a high school senior, Ephraim had made inquiries about Antioch but by the summer after his graduation, he was still unsure where he’d be in September. The “unsavory mercurial nature of my mind” was to blame, he explains.

In mid-July 2016, however, he received a phone call from Associate Director of Admission Shane Creepingbear ’08, which made him feel like he was not only welcome, but actually belonged at Antioch. "Shane called me back and gave me the Antioch endorsement,” Ephraim recalls, “I think it was the invitation that helped me. I didn’t have the initiative at the time to imagine another future. Antioch felt like something I could invest myself in, be an active participant in."

After his conversation with Shane, Ephraim finished his application: "I ended up applying in the same spirit that I did my AP Government final essays: putting on a jazz playlist and stapling myself to Google Docs one evening, which I guess sounds over-dramatic on my part but it worked!"

Ephraim left Las Vegas to start his Antioch adventure a few weeks later. He is now a thriving Antiochian, working his first co-op job as the Digital Archives Coordinator for the Oral History in the Liberal Arts initiative in Yellow Springs. He also writes for the campus newspaper, The Record and hopes to major in Anthropology, “or Seamanship. I haven’t decided yet!”

Ephraim knows his last-minute decision to attend Antioch College was the right one: “It is immensely gratifying to be here. I’ve never really felt such an affinity to any group of people.”

When asked what he’d say to fellow late-bloomers and self-questioning young people about coming to Antioch this fall, he responded:

“There’s a spot at the table for you here. We all really affect each other here, being surrounded by such thoughtful and interesting people. And there’s participatory democracy. Also there’s music, there’s lingering in the dining hall… I would say to the undecideds: it feels like a safe harbor.”

Antioch College can be that safe harbor for more brilliant, committed, self-driven students like Ephraim. That's why we’re accepting applications for Fall 2017 now and all through the summer.

Visit us now for more information - or if you’re ready, put on a jazz playlist and start your application!