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Update on Campus Renovations

Here’s the latest information on renovations of campus buildings. These projects have either been recently completed or are still in progress.

Matthew Derr

Olive Kettering Library

  • Repairs to entry platform, stairs, stair platform, planters and wall at north entry
  • Exterior brick masonry work
  • Rebuilding south walls at buckled area
  • Cut in expansion joints
  • Relay select areas of brick to blend


Antioch Hall

  • West elevation asphalt removal and concrete replacements
  • Brick repair and replacement

Antioch Union

  • Patch roof leaks

Birch Hall

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of roof repairs

Coretta Scott King Center

  • Exterior door leaks
  • Exterior door repairs on south elevation

Curl Gymnasium Complex

  • Roofing repair on South Gym
  • Insulate ceiling of pool
  • Roof replacement for the flat roof between South three buildings and Curl
  • Exterior painting
  • First floor stabilization
  • Termite and mold remediation
  • Structural repairs to the east and west walls of the pool

Fine Arts

  • Replace flat roofs

Glen Helen

  • Re-mediate roof drainage issues

McGregor Hall

  • Stop water intrusion through windows, window sills and coping as well as behind the handicap ramp
  • Mold remediation


  • Shell and site core stairs/platform

North Hall

  • Exterior brick masonry
  • Physical Plant Offices
  • Repair damage from roof issues

Rebecca Pennel House

  • Porch is being repaired/reinforced
  • Exterior and interior walls painted
  • Replace carpeting
  • Roof and flashing

Science Building

  • Shade structures over windows repairs
  • Roof flashing at parapet
  • Brick masonry repairs at east and west elevators


  • Front retaining wall repairs
  • Replacement or mudjack walkway at southerly door on east elevation
  • Masonry of exterior
  • Downspout repairs at collector box and roof leak repairs


  • Exterior Slabs at Commons Rooms reverse flows toward building
  • Concrete slab repair, first floor exteriors

Theater Building

  • Roof repairs


  • Small repairs to deck, railing and entry doors