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Volunteer Work: Fourteen Contribute More than 134 Hours

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio – August 19, 2010 – This week, 14 volunteers contributed more than 134 hours of service to the Antioch College campus, saving the College thousands of dollars in expenses and strengthening the College's connection to its alumni and the village.

Volunteers worked to expand the 1,600-square-foot Antioch College garden. Nate Love '08, Tom Sain '08, Jacob Young '06, and Mike Zito spent 12 hours of combined labor to expand the garden with an additional three rows. The garden is currently growing tomatoes, cucumber, okra and lettuce. The three additional rows will be utilized when the fall crops are planted.

Volunteers also worked in Pennell House, ran the Herndon Gallery, conducted research for the office of advancement, assisted the presidents office, conducted multiple airport runs, helped landscape parts of campus, phone banked to alumni in Vermont ahead of an upcoming event, and volunteered in Antiochiana. To learn more about volunteer opportunities please visit