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Welcoming New Students

The Fall 2018 incoming class arrived on August 22. This diverse class of 48 embodies so much of what we value at Antioch College having already demonstrated intellectual curiosity, participation in rigorous academic programs, a commitment to volunteerism, and real world experience. We couldn't be more excited about them!

Enrollment gains this fall are very promising. Notwithstanding a compressed recruitment timeline related to the transition to a new academic calendar, Admission staff brought in a higher rate of viable applications than previous cycles. This is especially notable considering current trends in enrollment at liberal arts colleges nationally.

Overall tuition revenue this year is expected to be the highest since reopening and meet budget goals. And, expected per-student tuition revenue for the incoming class is higher than that of any previous class since reopening.

New students on campus have a number of reasons for choosing Antioch College. First-year students Ashanti Walker ’22 and Akili Hayden ’22 came to Antioch together from Chicago. Both cited Co-op and community as big draws to the College. The size of the College meant they could get more one-to-one time with faculty, which is a welcome change from their large high school.

Transfer student Amanda Seigel ’20 heard about Antioch College from alums in the Bay Area, including a former boss, and Taylor Spratt ’17, who Amanda befriended while volunteering in Ferguson, MO, four years ago. “I didn’t like standard GE Courses,” Amanda said. When Amanda learned more about an Antioch education, it felt like the right fit.

“I basically chose Antioch because I wanted to go to a school not based on traditional values. I felt like this school is based on change and humanistic values,” explained transfer student Bre Chavers ’22, from Trotwood, OH. While hiking in Yellow Springs one day, he stumbled upon Antioch’s campus and met Shane Creepingbear ’08 in the Admission office. Bre found that Antioch offered a chance to really be involved in community governance that was missing at Sinclair Community College. Building a community with other students and having a say in policies were a big draw.

By the Numbers

48 Students

  • 36 First Time, 12 Transfer

  • 21 From Ohio, 27 From Other States

  • 75% increase over Fall 2017 totals, and a 14% increase over Fall 2016 totals

  • 89% increase over Fall 2017 (first-time, not transfer, college students)

  • 36% Yield (percentage of students offered admission who then enrolled) compared to 18% in Fall 2017

  • 31% identify as people of color

  • 20% identify as LGBTQIA

  • 42% are first-generation college students

  • 60% are eligible for Federal Pell Grants

  • 3.22 median GPA of first-time college students

More On Admissions

Through the dedication of our entire community, the College developed a compelling value proposition—Own Your Education—which served as the focus of our updated admission materials which were rolled out last fall (the new calendar, curriculum, and value proposition were described in the Spring 2018 issue of The Antiochian). Gariot Louima rejoined our staff as Dean of Admission and External Affairs in September 2017 and quickly put our admissions program on course to realize positive new student enrollment results.

Incoming students are eligible for a variety of generous merit based scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to students who show outstanding promise to contribute to the vision of Antioch College through meaningful engagement with community, the arts, and/or environmental concerns, and community leadership.

Admissions has also worked with the faculty and the Office of Academic Affairs to make Antioch more transfer friendly. Since reopening, Antioch has had a single enrollment period for new students, fall. Beginning with the winter 2019 quarter, students who begin their college careers at other institutions now have the opportunity for mid-year transfer to Antioch.