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Celebrate Diversity at Antioch

Monday, October 14, 2013 -
10:00am to 4:30pm

Find out what it means to change the world and become a leading voice in your community. I invite you to explore the power of an Antioch College education. “Celebrate Diversity at Antioch” is a unique admission event that lends a voice to diversity in all its manifestations. Hear from multiple generations of alumni as well as current students about how their voyage through life has forever been strengthened by truly meaningful engagement with the world around them through Antioch.

Our guest speaker, Mark Higbee '83, will lead us through a micro version of an academic game called Reacting to History, and through a presentation titled “Rethinking Columbus Day,” Mark will convey his experience at Antioch College both in the classroom and the cooperative education curriculum.

By now, you may know about our unique cooperative education program. Combining a strong liberal arts education with meaningful work experience produces a different kind of student, one that challenges their education to be more than a typical college experience. By the time you finish your studies at Antioch you will be more than ready for the next step your in your life - you will be hungry for it.

Our Horace Mann Fellowship grants access to a high-end liberal arts education without the burden of exorbitant student debt. Every student admitted this year will receive a full tuition four-year scholarship to our institution.

Please take this opportunity to visit our beautiful campus and learn more about how an Antioch College education can impact your life. This particular open house at Antioch College will be held on Monday, October 14. For more information, please call (937) 286-8455 or e-mail

McGregor Hall, Antioch College campus