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Future of Education Series: Deborah Meier & Shadia Alvarez

Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 11:39am
Antioch alumna Deborah Meier (’52), has authored six influential books on progressive education. A 40-year veteran teacher, Meier is a 1987 MacArthur Genius Award winner and the recipient of innumerable honors. Although “retired,—she continues to write, blog and lecture about schooling and democracy. Antioch alumna Shadia Alvarez (’96) is currently the Assistant Principal at the Collegiate Institute for Math and Science in the Bronx. Alvarez is planning to launch an Antioch influenced NYC high school in 2013.
Herndon Gallery, South Hall
Anne Bohlen at or 286-8455, and Jean Gregorek at or 937-286-5934