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Media Relations Guidelines

Media Relations Guidelines
Adopted October 2011

Scope of Policy

Antioch College supports freedom of speech and of the the press as outlined in the First Amendment. This policy was established to describe the College’s position with respect to interacting with members of the press. For the purpose of this policy, “members of the press” shall refer to representatives of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications (such as news blogs), television stations and programs, and radio stations and programs.


Community standards—as codified in the Honor Code and Community/Student Handbook—apply to everyone on campus, including members of the press. These standards apply at all times, under every circumstance. It is expected that all interactions between members of the pressand community members be conducted in a respectful manner.

Students and college employees with no public relations responsibilities are under no obligation to submit to interviews with members of the press.

It is the responsibility of the Communications office to initiate and/or respond to requests from members of the press and to manage those interactions. When a member of the community is contacted by the members of the press who are reporting on Antioch College, the community member must immediately notify the Communications office.

All members of the press must contact the Communications office prior to arrival on campus. Campus interviews, photography, and videography must be arranged through the Communications office. While on campus, all members of the press are required to wear press badges that can easily be seen. Student journalists must identify themselves as such and wear press badges when they are “covering” campus events or issues.

Photographs, audio, and video may be taken on the College campus in consultation with the Communications office. To take photographs, shoot video footage, record audio, and/or conduct any interview inside College facilities, members of the press must be accompanied by Communications staff or a College representative designated by the Communications office.

To gain access to a residence hall or classroom, members of the press must request authorization from the Communications office at least 24-hours prior to the intended visit. Communications will work with the Office of Community Life to seek student consent when appropriate and will notify students of the presence of media representatives in the residence hall. For access to classrooms, the Communications office will seek the consent of the individual members of the faculty.

Antioch College complies with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as well as state laws, regarding the retention and release of personal and/or educational records of all current employees and students.

The College must obtain authorization from those whose photographs are taken with the intent to publicize the institution. Their consent allows the College to incorporate these photographs in situations appropriate to the image of an academic institution, including release to members of the press.

Should a visitor choose to ignore campus community standards, the College reserves the right to ask that visitor to leave campus.