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Alice Foss Quigley '58

Alice Foss Quigley, 81, passed away April 20, 2017, at Ellis Hospital, in Albany, NY, surrounded by family, after a short battle with cancer. Alice grew up in Easton on the Foss Farm and defied her family to go to Antioch College. After a year, her parents refused to support her aspirations because it wasn't worth it to educate a girl, as girls would just get married. Well, she showed them.

It took her 32 years and two marriages, but she graduated cum laude with an associate's degree from A.C.C. while working full-time for the Social Security Administration and raising two children in Fort Edward. Her late husband, Bernard Quigley, passed in 2008. In her waning years, she enjoyed what she called her second childhood at her daughter's home in Schenectady. There, she made faces at her baby granddaughter during meals, mustered the energy to climb up the stairs so she could babysit, colored, read umpteen books and even sang songs she didn't know she remembered.

She was strong enough to play until just four months ago, when she broke her hip. But even on her last day, she could cuddle with her two-year-old best friend, her granddaughter, and watch "Doc McStuffins." Her daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter cared for her with every ounce of their being until the day she died.

Survivors include sister, Carol McNeil; son, Michael Quigley; daughter, Sandra Quigley and wife, Kathleen Quigley; and grandchildren, Sean Blakeway and Katie Beth Quigley. She will always be Katie Beth's GaGa. Services were at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 185 Swaggertown Road in Scotia. Please donate to your local animal shelter.