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Conrad Balliet, friend

 Our colleague and friend Conrad Balliet passed away Aug. 18, 2018. He was  91.

  He had been paralyzed in an automobile accident August 12 near  Columbus, OH, and was transferred from hospital to hospice care last Wednesday.

  He had a peaceful passing, surrounded by family and friends,   and a Columbus "threshold singing" group sang for him. 

  He began "Conrad's  Corner" on WYSO after he retired from Wittenberg University 25 years ago.  He prepared nearly 7,000 segments for WYSO-FM listeners -- almost a second career.

   In the last several years he could be heard on WYSO seven days a week, sharing his passion for poetry Monday through Friday just before 8 pm, on Saturday morning just before BookNook with Vick Mickunas and on Sundays during Dear Green Place with Cindy Funk.  He was a weekly guest on Excursions with Niki Dakota, where together they created "Song and Sonnet."

  Conrad was kindly and generous and always surprising.   He shared his stories with us -- the joys of his travels and friends, the strains of growing older and losing loved ones, and yet, he was no complainer.  He was also a compassionate listener.

   He is survived by three children, Karen, Eddie and Paul.  His wife, Marian, died in 1999.  Another daughter, Jean, passed earlier.

  A public celebration of his life is being planned.