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Daniel Leonard Halas '63

Long-time San Francisco resident Daniel L. Halas died on Feb. 9, 2017 at his home. Born April 20, 1940, and a native of Cleveland, Ohio, he was the son of Daniel Desiderius Halas and Anne Mary Gardin Halas of that city.

Halas was a graduate of Antioch College and New York University in New York City. He was a veteran of the US Army.

He is warmly remembered by his family and many friends as a talented film editor who specialized in documentary motion pictures, a published writer and a prolific artist. He was a familiar figure in the Noe Valley neighborhood where he lived for many years.

He is survived by his daughter Rebecca Diane Halas of San Francisco. His siblings are his twin sister Diane Halas Routt of Melbourne, Australia; sister Margaret Halas and his brother James Halas, who both live in Ohio. He was preceded in death by his brother William G Halas. Funeral arrangements are at the Columbarium & Funeral Home in San Francisco.