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Dr. Netta R. Sanow Kaplan ‘51

Dr. Netta R. Sanow Kaplan ’51 passed away in June 2018 at the age of 89 in Israel. She graduated from Antioch College with a B.A. in Chemistry. Netta and her husband, Marv, had moved around a bit from university town to university town before settling in Israel in 1990. Netta was always involved in some project inside or outside of her regular work.

She held a Ph.D. in speech pathology as well as being trained as a Gestalt therapist and teacher. In Windsor she had founded the "Child’s Place" for children with developmental problems (which was named after her).  She felt that Antioch was a central part of her development as a person. Netta and Marv had also established a Gestalt Institute in Israel.

Two of Netta’s children were Antioch graduates – Dan Kaplan ’76 becoming chairman of the Antioch board in later years and Dr. Richard Kaplan ’78 who went on to get a Ph.D at Berkeley.