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Leonard Blank, former faculty

Psychotherapist, university faculty member, author, and noted figure in his field, Leonard Blank, age 90, of Princeton, N.J., passed away at home on Jan. 1, 2018, surrounded by loved ones. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1927, he was the son of Sam and Molly Bernstein Blank.

Leonard was married to Bernice Bukar Blank, who passed away in 1991. He is survived by his three children, Jordan and Lyda Blank, and Rona Blank Rundle, and two grandchildren, Asa and Julian Rundle. Leonard Blank was a significant member of the professional psychological community. He was certified in psychoanalysis 1968, postdoctoral fellow in clinical psychology at Stanford University, 1955, Ph.D. in clinical research at N.Y.U., 1955, diplomate in clinical psychology, licensed MFT, and president of Princeton Association of Human Resources. Dr. Blank was an adjunct professor at Union Graduate School, Antioch College, associate professor at Rutgers University, assistant professor of psychology and chief of psychological services, Stanford Medical School.

Dr. Blank was president of the N.J. Group Psychotherapy Association in 1974, and a longstanding member of the APA in New Jersey and New York. Dr. Blank was in private practice in New York City, N.Y., Kingston, N.J., and Princeton, N.J.

He authored innumerable publications, texts including "The Age of Shrinks, Psychology for Everyday Living, and Change: Components of Behavioral Modification," and novels including "The Diogenes Group and Chinese Paper." A private gathering to celebrate Leonard Blank's memory was held in his home.