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Martin Keane ‘77

Martin Keane, whose inquisitive mind and independent spirit led him into homeopathy, developing a national reputation with patients around the world, died Feb. 27, 2018. He was 65.

His passion for knowledge, especially into linking the body and mind for healing, continued his entire life. Almost immediately after completing his training in acupuncture, Martin launched into a study of classical homeopathy and Chinese herbology. He would go on to present his work before the National Center for Homeopathy, the Florida State Oriental Medical Association, nurse practitioners, the American Association of Oriental Medicine and many more.

He later became focused on Medical Qigong, earning a doctorate from the International College of Medical Qigong in 2015. Patients found Martin gentle and low-key, a physician who held lengthy consultations, asking detailed questions and designing individual remedies at his practice, located at Classical Medicine of St. Petersburg, FL.

For many years, he led Saturday morning classes in Qigong, his latest and greatest passion, instructing participants in a soothing voice to connect their earthly and spiritual energies, "pulling down heaven" and many other exercises.

Martin Patterson Keane was born July 22, 1952 in Cheverly, Md., the son of Ignatius and Anna Rover Keane. He was a painter who favored abstract designs.

After graduating from Antioch College, he earned a master's degree in art history from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

He met Laura Meacham in West Palm Beach on Aug. 17, 1987, at a celebration of the Harmonic Convergence, a moment of worldwide meditation and planetary alignment. They married June 17, 1989, then established Classical Medicine together in 1994. At their bungalow in Old Northeast he could be found on the couch, his feet propped on an ottoman and a book in his lap. Sometimes he took his reading to a corner of the back yard, in which he had created a garden of bromeliad, cactuses and sculpture.

He also cultivated an ironic sense of humor that hinted at a mind constantly that was observing the interactions of humankind, from the smallest family dynamics to global politics. His contributions were often more ironic than serious, full of sly witticisms he enjoyed even if no one else understood them. In times of crisis for others he dropped this mode, offering only condolences and quiet reassurance. In these times, Martin let his guard down and gave up a closely guarded secret -- that he was a gentleman.

He enjoyed the beach, pulling a cart with umbrella and chairs over the sand to a remote spot on Fort Desoto, even with late stage lung cancer. To a fault, he never accepted the spread of the disease, believing to the end he was on the verge of recovery. Indeed he was, albeit now in a different dimension, where he is probably pulling down heaven.

He is survived by his wife, Laura Meacham Keane; sisters Kathleen Keane, Paula Lautzenheiser and Claire Keane; a brother, Kevin Keane; sister-in-law Cynthia Potesta Keane; nieces Meghan Keane and Liz Aune Sousa; and nephews Paul Aune, J.K. Keane and Julian Keane.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be sent to WMNF FM 88.5, 1210 E Martin Luther King Blvd., Tampa, FL 33603-4417, (813) 238-8001; or the Temple of Peace and Virtue (International College of Medical Qigong), P.O. Box 1435, Palm Desert, CA 92261, (800) 848-0649, A memorial gathering was March 3 at Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home, 2201 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N, St. Petersburg. Tribute by Andrew Meacham.