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Obituary: Agnes Gruliow '38

Agnes Forrest Gruliow, died peacefully in her sleep December 1, 2011. Beloved wife of Leo Gruliow, Agnes combined interests in art, education, and social work and was active in community organizations in New York City and Columbus, Ohio. Born in Davenport, Iowa, in 1912, the daughter of James and Agnes Johnston Forrest, she grew up in Barberton, Ohio, and attended Barberton High School. She graduated from Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1938, and for three years was director of the American Peoples School, an international adult school in New York City. She became Assistant National Secretary of the National Federation of Settlements, and in 1943 joined the faculty of the extramural department of Antioch College as Associate Professor. She married Leo Gruliow upon his return from the Soviet Union, where he had been American field representative of Russian War Relief during World War II, and set out with him on speaking tours across the U.S., reporting on American aid to civilians in the war zone. In 1949 she joined with her husband in founding The Current Digest of the Soviet Press, a weekly journal published at Columbia University of translations for scholars, journalists, and governments, and designed and edited its Index of Soviet Periodical Literature. She also was a founding member of the East Harlem Tutoring Program. She studied at the Art Students League and taught art at her own studio and at the City & Country School in New York City and later in Worthington, Ohio, after the Current Digest transferred its operations to the Ohio State University .  From 1972 to 1976, when her husband served as Moscow correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, she traveled widely in the USSR and in 1979 accompanied him in touring inner Siberia, visiting new cities and construction projects by cargo plane, helicopter, jeep, and river steamer. She served as a board member and for three years as President of the Columbus Area International Program, an exchange program bringing social workers from many foreign countries to gain work experience in America. She was a member of the board of Community Service, a Yellow Springs-based organization devoted to promoting small community values, and was membership secretary of the World Federalist Association Central Ohio Chapter. A son, Frank Forrest Gruliow, lives in Berkeley, California, and a daughter, Rebecca Gruliow, in Philadelphia. A brother, Frank Forrest, died in action as a navigator in the U.S. Air Force in the World War II.