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Obituary: Franklin Barrett Norris '79

Franklin Barrett Norris, class of 1979, who was more commonly known to his friends as "Barry" or "Skip", died of complications related to AIDS at his home in Louisville, Kentucky, on November 14, 2011.  After graduation, Barry moved to the Boston, Massachusetts, area where he taught middle school students in the public school system, and became an Emergency Medical Technician.  In those days, Barry lived with a group of alumni at the house located at 14 Palmer Street in Arlington, where Antiochians from across the country frequently stopped for dinner, bed, breakfast, and good times.  He later moved back to his hometown of Louisville, a city which he loved dearly.  It was there that Barry worked as a substitute teacher and cared for his aging parents until their deaths.  He later took a job delivering the Louisville Courier Journal newspaper to homes and businesses in the early morning hours.  This work left him with time to get involved with organizations such as ACTUP, The Fairness Campaign, and The HIV Council of Kentucky.   He was a life-long member of The International Workers of the World (the Wobblies), and an active participant in the rehabilitation of his west Louisville neighborhood.  Barry was a staunch advocate for social justice and patients' rights.  He was also a great lover of animals (dogs - like Tala, Yukon and their successors, cats and even a boa constrictor!), and a gardener of food and flowers.  Barry was a caring, genuine and generous person who will be remembered by his Antioch friends, and his life partner, John Nossinger. 

--written by Rebecca J. Mark ‘77