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Obituary: Gwendolyn Gergely Colburn Le Brun '68

Gwendolyn Gergely Colburn Le Brun, known to all who knew her as Gwen, passed away at her home on September 21, 2011  with her loving husband and sons at her side. Gwen was born on November 5th, 1944 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Genevieve and Alexander Gergely. She graduated from high school in Burton, Ohio and attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She later graduated from Cal State, Northridge and then applied to the F.A.A. for training as an Air Traffic Controller. Upon graduating from the F.A.A. academy in Oklahoma City she was assigned to the Daggett F.A.A. Flight Service Station where she performed the duties of an Air Traffic Specialist. She remained at the Daggett F.S.S. for ten years until the Government closed that facility, after which she retired. Her lifelong interest in gourmet cuisine motivated her to become an expert ""scratch cook"" and to collect a large bookshelf of cookbooks. Her other lifelong interests were reading about and studying the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations While earning the respect of all pilots who profited from her professional performance as an Air Traffic Controller, she took training offered by her union, The National Association of Air Traffic Specialists, and became an employee advocate for her fellow ATC Specialists. She is survived by her husband Joseph, brother Alex Gergely of Victorville and her three sons, Matthew Joseph Le Brun, of San Bernardino, Andrew (Drew) Szerdi Colburn, of Camas, Washington, and Richard Whiting Colburn II, of Chicago as well as three grandchildren, A. J. Colburn and Sahara Jasmine Colburn of Chicago, and Desiree Elizabeth Colburn. A celebration of her life will be held at a later date