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Obituary: John F. Fisher '81

Proud Antiochian John Franklin Fisher (Fish) departed this life on earth November 16th, 2011 at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Throughout his 54 years, John had to contend with the painful and debilitating effects of sickle cell anemia. In his final years, John was heavily dependent on supplemental oxygen and frequent blood transfusions. However, throughout all of this, John managed to work as a chemist at a company in Cincinnati until his health challenges forced him to leave the company the early part of 2011. Amazingly, last April, John drove himself from Cincinnati, Ohio to Washington, D.C. to attend and contribute to the Antioch College Alumni of Courage Reunion, and last June, he traveled to Yellow Springs and spent time with friends and fellow Antiochians at last June's reunion on Antioch's Campus. John had a very high intellect and loved to read and loved good movies. He also loved sports and enjoyed good food and fine fashion.

John had much love for Antioch College and wanted it to return to prominence. He supported it actively and financially as best he could. His determination and persistence not only showed in his battle with deteriorating health, but also in his persistence and determination to earn his Antioch degree. This persistence enabled him to participate in the last graduation ceremonies prior to Antioch's closing in 2008. John clearly wished the college well and wanted it to succeed in its rebirth. We hope John's example of persistence against great odds and challenges will serve as a small beacon for Antiochians to work together and envision beyond our own individual concerns and challenges and support a greater potential of a revitalized and vibrant Antioch College.