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Patricia Lucille Scott ‘54

Patricia Lucille Scott was a paraglider at age 70, an avid artist at 73, and a stand-up comedian at 80. After living her life fully and with a zest admired by all, Pat taught us time and time again that the greatest gift we bring to the world is ourselves.

In the early morning of October 25, 2017 after a short but valiant battle with septic pneumonia, Pat quietly set off for her next great adventure, surrounded by the love of her family.

Patricia Lucille Scott was born September 5, 1931, in Chicago, IL, to Walter and Marguerite (Meek) Scott. Pat earned her Bachelor's degree from Antioch College. Shortly after, she married Jan Girardot in 1958. Pat and Jan moved to Glenwood Springs, CO, in 1974 with their two young boys, Louis and Michael. Her passion for music and community shone through all she did, in teaching piano lessons to children, organizing local music circles, playing cello with Symphony in the Valley, and founding the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist chapter with Jan. Pat leaves behind her a legacy of humor, compassion, authenticity and wit, as well as a robust community of loyal friends and loved ones.

A celebration of Pat's life was November 10 at The Third Street Center in Carbondale, CO.

In lieu of flowers, Pat's book "I Love Trees" can be pre-ordered with proceeds going to fund a tree-planting in her memory. A call to your congress person to let them know how you feel about the current White House status would also honor her memory.