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Founders Weekend

By Anya Gandy '15
Elijah Blanton '15
Horace Mann Fellows

November 4, 2011 – Antioch’s history is rich, but as new students adjusting to life here in Ohio, finding time to learn about our new home isn’t always easy. Founders Weekend was a tremendous opportunity to learn about Antioch’s history from those who lived it, and about the history being made as the College is built anew.

During Founders Weekend we were awed by the passion and dedication the members of the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Board, and members of our wider community. Those who attended exemplified what it means to be Antiochian – both in their personal manners and in their professional lives as teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists. These are people who left Antioch College excited to continue learning and they have done just that.As David Goodman ’69, told me, much in the tradition of Socrates, “If you learn you don’t know anything you will have learned enough… we are all students.”

There was no aloofness when speaking to members of the Boards; they were excited at any opportunity for mentorship or discussion. Karen Mulhauser ’65 is hoping to collaborate with the College to offer students a trip to Washington, D.C., with a chance to meet legislators such as Antioch College alumna and Congressional Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton ’60. Similarly kind offers from other alumni in New York and California, among others, were made.

The meetings started early and ended with a community potluck full of laughter and music. The Board of Trustees’ decision to remodel the dorms in North Hall contributed to the hopeful and excited tone already in the air.

Afterwards, students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered around a campfire. While listening to stories about a community that is now our own, with our now familiar campus in the background, we were struck by the commitment and hard work required to make this moment a reality for us.

Being a member of this inaugural class is both sobering responsibility and welcome ballast through the next four years as we build Antioch’s rich future.