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Sequence Changes

Sequence Changes and Optional Fifth Co-ops

Students have the right to petition the College in order to change or alter their study/co-op sequence. Considerable thought must be given to such a proposal because any sequence alteration may impact the student’s ability to fulfill graduation requirements on time. If a student perceives such a need, they should consult both their co-op and academic advisors in order to determine the feasibility of a change. If they have the support of both, they should send a letter to the Academic Policy and Review Committee (APRC) via the Registrar’s Office in which they outline their rationale for the sequence change, their plans for co-op, and what changes they will need to make on their degree plan. They should submit their revised degree plan along with support letters from both advisors in order to complete the proposal.

Students may also petition to enroll in an optional co-op term during the fall quarter of their fourth year of study. The approval of the fifth co-op is not automatic; it requires: 

  1. mandatory advising sessions and advanced planning;
  2. registration for an appropriate Work Portfolio course;
  3. evidence of good academic and community standing;
  4. completion of extra courses in the first three years of study, possibly leading to over-crediting situations; and
  5. permission of the student's classroom advisor, co-op advisor as well as the dean of cooperative, experiential, and international education.

Advanced planning is essential for students who wish to pursue an international co-op during their fifth co-op term. Students who wish to consider pursuing an international co-op opportunity should speak with their co-op advisor as far in advance as possible. While any student is welcome to propose an international co-ops, significantly higher priority is given to students on the three-year language track. Moreover, students are required to demonstrate that their language skills are appropriate for the proposed placement. Please note that language immersion/capstone co-ops are reserved for students who are committed to the three-year language track. These experiences require the approval of the Language and Culture Program.