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Sequence Changes & the Optional Fifth Co-op

Sequence Changes and Optional Fifth Co-ops

Sequence Changes

Students have the right to petition the College in order to change or alter their study/co-op sequence. Considerable thought must be given to such proposals because any sequence alteration may impact a student’s ability to fulfill graduation requirements on time. If a student perceives the need, to alter their sequence, they should consult both their co-op and academic advisors in order to determine the feasibility of a change and request letters of support. If both agree, the student should send a letter to the Academic Policy and Review Committee (APRC) via the Registrar’s Office in which they provide:

  1. A clear rationale for the sequence change;
  2. An explanation of their co-op plans;
  3. A revised degree plan; and
  4. Support letters from their academic and co-op advisors.

The Optional Fifth Co-op

Students are encouraged to petition to enroll in an optional fifth co-op term during the fall quarter of their fourth year of study. The approval of the fifth co-op is not automatic; it requires: 

  1. Advanced planning with the Co-op Advisor;
  2. Good academic standing;
  3. An updated degree plan;
  4. A higher than normal course load in the first three years of study in order to fulfill degree requirements; and
  5. Permission of the student's academic advisor; co-op advisor; as well as the dean of cooperative, experiential, and international education.

Additional planning is essential for students who wish to pursue an international co-op during the fifth co-op term. While any student is welcome to propose an international co-op, students are required to demonstrate that their language skills are appropriate for the proposed placement. Please note that language immersion/capstone co-ops are reserved for students who are committed to the three-year language track and require the approval of the Language and Culture Program.